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Sketch A Day 040- INSIDE Joke, EXTENSION Parts

Sketch A Day 040- INSIDE Joke, EXTENSION Parts published on

2015-02-09-crowI’ve been on a massive Armored Core 3 kick after a friend sold me his Vita cheap and I installed it from the PSN without bothering to transfer the saves through the PC. I’m shooting for 100% completion this time and hit 92% today! Pursuing this has taught me the importance of a lot of parts I’d never actually bothered with in other runs, like the CROW stealth extensions, ECM pods and the “cheat part,” OP-INTENSIFY.

After playing the rest of the series, sans PS1 installments, AC3 and its followups feel even more like the ‘sweet spot’ of the franchise than before. I love games where equipment has real benefits and weaknesses beyond just a steady march of incremental upgrades to make stats go up. Missions have LOADS more variety in both environment and goals, too.

(I may post something else later on if I get to doodling during Gotham, but Mondays are probably going to largely be “meh” days on here while I’m doing this daily thing since I wind down early for a power nap before the night shift.)

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