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angel cadet uniforms

angel cadet uniforms published on


Didn’t really feel up to anything major tonight so I tried some basic figure drawings leading up to some Angel Dust costume and item designs I’d been meaning to commit to paper. I realized a while back I have a tendency to base all my faction logos around like the letters or initials of the group, which got obvious enough even I wanted to mix it up so new Guardian Angel Corps logo is more about the wings and halo than working a GA in, though I still kinda like the one with an A snuck in between the wings.

I’ll probably wind up winging the ‘halos’ into something specific to each character involving concentric circles ranking from 1-7 ranks.

I was kinda kicking around the uniform shirts’s sleeves being able to roll up or down neatly thanks to “space fabrics” but then I remembered I kind of liked the zig-zagging buttons up the long sleeve version.

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