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213- Revolver Blast From the Past

213- Revolver Blast From the Past published on


Here’s a little treat for long time followers, back when I was just beginning to see how nice vector-drawn inking could look, I decided briefly to see how a do-over of my first long comic, Revolver Knight would look. Unfortunately, I was pretty burnt out from doing the series the first time around and kind of stopped at there, well that and a couple one-off side story things.

I still have a little interest in revisiting the cast, and they got a cameo in last year’s “Christmas special.”

Putting aside the general train wreck of mashed up anime and game tropes the story is made up of, on a technical level it bugs me that I have such uneven page margins and the text flow is off in a few spots. I did better attempting to detail the backgrounds while simultaneously screwing up the perspective- partly because I was just beginning to use the program for line art. Eventually I learned it was easier to cheat completely and abuse the skew and perspective tools! Also, FireAlpaca has a lot of helpful ruler tools, but I haven’t really put them to work yet.

Things I do like- main character is incredibly lazy, the frilled lizard sitting on his back, and a cameo by I-No in the crowd watching the unseen parade.

I’d be lying if I said it was a productive day today. I have mostly hashed out the basic rules and mocked up a starter party for my card game, but nothing I care to show off just yet (I’d like to show it off when things get more polished for sure.) Past that, I spent all day waiting on a package that never came and navel gazing, so it’s fitting to post and self-crit a little, don’t you think?

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