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What’s That Scamp Up To These Days?

What’s That Scamp Up To These Days? published on

It’s been a while since I really sat down and wrote out a substantial post anywhere. Seeing as how that I’m up way past my normal bed time thanks to a ‘nap’ that lasted longer than my usual sleep these days, it seems like as good a time as any. So, first off, nope, not dead. Mostly been busy with Twitch related junk the past… wow, probably like a year, as one might guess from adding an entire gallery devoted to emotes I made for friends and commission since that’s what I’ve been doing the most of, art-wise for a spell. I started 2018 with the intent to do another sketch-a-day exercise but I’ve been pretty bad at keeping up and pretty much accepted a more modest “just don’t go for entire weeks without plugging in your tablet” as a goal. My schedule takes a toll on me sometimes, though I’m mostly happy to be done with The Day Job by 1pm at the latest most days. If I still had the energy to get more done in that post work free time I’d be really happy, har.

I’ve been battling against burnout off and on lately and cut down on some of my Twitch time to get out once in a while or nap or something. I love the community on there, but sometimes I feel kind of a pressure to ‘be there’ for people, especially friends with smaller audiences or just starting out and I can’t be everywhere at once, ya know? Hopefully there’s no hard feelings- kind of doubt there are- but if anyone’s been missing me around, it’s not personal, I’m just pacing myself!

As one might have sussed looking at some of my recent sketch posts, I am still planning to get back into doing some comics for the site and have plenty of material to work from, just again, time and energy are a thing. The next few days especially I kind of need to make a push to create a set of overlays for a marathon while also practicing some game runs *for* said marathon… hopefully inspiration bonks me upside the head and the overlays turn out to be a snap so I can work on not embarassing myself. But RK is definitely in my brain and I hope that the redone version of the story will be to everyone’s liking. I’ve learned a hell of a lot about both art and writing since back then.

I’ve been kicking around a few sorta opinion pieces I might share here in the future, otherwise til next time feel free to follow my Twitter/Twitch for a steady drip of my content (apparently the Twitch widget on the sidebar doesn’t actually work, I’ll have to look into that.) Take care, everyone.

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