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Fan Trash Burning On Mondays Only

Fan Trash Burning On Mondays Only published on




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Here’s a little catch up post of stuff I’ve posted to my Tumblr since getting a new laptop. The screen on the old one died and I’m kind of procrastinating getting files off of it since I’ve actually been decent about backups lately. It’s a mix of fan art and some sketches for that game idea I’m picking at. Currently inking a new +/- strip and planning to work on my card game a bit this week since I’ll be off.

WTF G1: Exhibit A-“Sea Change”

WTF G1: Exhibit A-“Sea Change” published on 2 Comments on WTF G1: Exhibit A-“Sea Change”

Nostalgia is a damn powerful thing, especially for 80’s spawn like myself. The opiates of ‘toys’ and ‘cartoons’ were allowed to intermingle and form some sort of new, more potent form of marketing methamphetamine. That’s probably why our generation has the same problem resisting the urge to banter about My Little Pony and Etch-A-Sketch that the last few generations had with recounting how many Nazis they could kill with only their scrotums and moxie.

But, again, since I’m not part of that generation, all you people are going to have to make do with me regaling you with the story of how, while re-watching a cartoon I grew up with, just how batshit the original source material for the sprawling merchandising machine was.

But where to begin? The Giant Purple Griffin? An episode that basically tells kids gambling is ok, and the only thing better is cheating at it? How about one revolving around a hypnotic superdisco?

No… No, we can do even better than that. We’re going to dive right in and see how the hell mermaids fit in with the Transformers universe!

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