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[3/2 LIVE] 6/6/16- Supercharged Neodimension King of Nepquarium

[3/2 LIVE] 6/6/16- Supercharged Neodimension King of Nepquarium published on

Ok, so I don’t normally do this but last night I was having a “real time shitposting” stream on Twitch and thought I would share my dumbass reaction to Neo Aquarium: King of Crustaceans with some Neptunia and Vulkaiser to round things out.

Unedited, with occasional comments toward the chat.

Computer Situation: Greenish

Computer Situation: Greenish published on


Been having a spell of computer trouble off and on over the past couple months, that’s why I haven’t been especially productive on the art front for a while. Basically, my work computer was randomly losing sound, which was annoying, but not horrible, then eventually it got into a cycle of randomly shutting down or resetting itself which made streaming, gaming, and even drawing aggravating. After updating, uninstalling, reinstalling and working around my NVidia drivers about a bajillion times, I more or less resigned to using the laptop for anything ‘serious,’ but since it’s getting on in years it has the wonderful tendency to overheat frequently and has the combination of a loose power cable and a battery with under a minute of life, streaming has been pretty much out.

But! My friend Dan who is the best and most awesome guy lent me his old video card to test my little problem out on, and now I’ve got my audio back, tested OBS without the computer shitting itself, and even test ran a game to see if it would do that forced reset thing. I think tonight I may celebrate by streaming a while (I know, right!?) after dinner.  Afterwards, I’ll try my old card out again and see if it was just poorly seated or something, but for now I’m drunk on accomplishment because up til now I’ve been afraid of opening my case for anything but dusting.

So, drop in if you’re free when I begin this evening, I’ll probably just doodle whatever and maybe work in a game break somewhere because I feel like geeking out over my niche bullshit. Let’s say about 6pm EST.

Oh yeah, I also had a birthday this week. Three-Two is now 33. Also this site can legally smoke now. Holy crap, I’m old.

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