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The Crawl

The Crawl published on

Looking to put together a review this week at some point since I’m on a chapter break from RK as of today. I do have a design midterm this Wednesday, but it’s cake.

Not a lot else to say otherwise at the moment, seeing as how I’m in between classes anyway, I just wanted everyone to know I hadn’t been hair-whipped to death or anything of the sort. I didn’t care too much for how the Strange Journey journal style thing turned out, so I may yet do a straight-up thing on it, but lesson the first for this kind of game: it really doesn’t work when I play a huge chunk, get about 3 zones in, then try to remember what order all the sub quests came in before. Considering it is basically just a grimmer, easier version of Etrian Odyssey, maybe I should give that one another try some time?

I have a weird ritual with Etrian. I know people who are pretty ga-ga over it all over the place, but for some reason it never clicked into place as something I’m compelled to put in my DS every time I get the chance. As such, I didn’t buy EOII, or EOIII, but I always end up making an attempt to get back into the first one and see if maybe this time, I’ll be in just the right mood to enjoy it.

Or not.

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