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Sketch-A-Day 003- Believe in Justice

Sketch-A-Day 003- Believe in Justice published on 2 Comments on Sketch-A-Day 003- Believe in Justice

2015-01-03-believe-in-justiI’ve had this idea kicking around ever since I watched Madoka and started pulling up the soundtrack to discover Mami’s theme is titled “Believing in Justice.” There’s some issues with the torso and arm perspective, but overall I kinda like how this one turned out. The pose is more interesting than yesterday’s, anyway. I’ll try to experiment more as I go along.

A Day Of Rest

A Day Of Rest published on

Well, sorta anyway. Going to try and pencil in a bit so I have *something* to share on Xmas Eve.

This year has really flown by on me, and I do wish I’d been better about sticking to my guns on having more content to share. Here I was with big Halloween plans, and next thing I know I have tubes of Christmas wrapping paper propped up against my workstation. It hasn’t really been the worst year, looking back on it, but it wasn’t really one of my happiest and I only have myself to blame for it since it’s mostly attitude problems that kept me down in the dumps. It comes and goes a lot lately, fortunately it’s relenting a bit as the holiday running around sets in.

I haven’t been totally idle though! I pitched in for a Slayers Secret Santa Sexchange, er, Exchange and like the result pretty well.


I have some other one off drawing ideas I’ll hopefully toss up soon, but I want to get a +/- related something ready by Christmas since I haven’t done any since the belated finale of the Creepypasta saga. And yes, I mean in Good Art Mode.

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