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SaD Sketch Dump Again

SaD Sketch Dump Again published on

Still at it! I’ve been getting into shmups heavy again, thanks to both TGL and Dodonpachi Resurrection’s Steam port. I managed to 1CC it on Novice and 3CC on Normal so far, though Black Label on Novice took me 9 credits… assuming the counter on the high score screen goes into double digits.

Sketch A Day Resumes!

Sketch A Day Resumes! published on

I didn’t skip Jan 1, I just posted the stuff to Twitter and Tumblr first because it’s easier. I’m hoping to up the ante a bit to having *colored* art to share each day this year, though I may make an exception or work ahead come PAXtime. Actually, I’m technically tossing in a couple drawings from the 29th to make up for the real Jan 1st pic being on my laptop. I’ll add it later.





Fan Trash Burning On Mondays Only

Fan Trash Burning On Mondays Only published on




2016-08-15-scribbles 2016-08-03-bluhmotivational_ratchet nadyne radona_face starocean20th

Here’s a little catch up post of stuff I’ve posted to my Tumblr since getting a new laptop. The screen on the old one died and I’m kind of procrastinating getting files off of it since I’ve actually been decent about backups lately. It’s a mix of fan art and some sketches for that game idea I’m picking at. Currently inking a new +/- strip and planning to work on my card game a bit this week since I’ll be off.

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