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New Year, New Sketch Dump

New Year, New Sketch Dump published on No Comments on New Year, New Sketch Dump

I’m making another attempt to draw a thing a day! Hopefully it improves my moods even if my skills don’t level up as much as I’d like. I’d like to try and get more ideas out of my head and on to ‘paper’ this year since there’s tons of junk I spend time brainstorming but never ends up leaving my head.

(Awkwardly) …Hi.

(Awkwardly) …Hi. published on

Long time no cross post again, eh? Whoops. Today I finally got around to the 100+ follower/ Affiliate status stream I’d been wanting to do for a while, raffling off quickie free sketches to chat and hanging out. I don’t have a massive following, but a pleasant one, and it was a nice way to kill the afternoon and shake off a bit of rust. I’d been neglecting my sketch goals a bit lately and I really do feel it when I pick the pen up again. But I’m feeling a lot more stoked to get back to work again. So, here’s the roundup of sketches from today.

For Drak For Richie For Kavoc For Pyrelight For Selebis For cutepiku For Huxxny For Truffle For Celdia

Also I’m finally about ready to dip my toes into the wet and sticky world of speed running.


Slayers Week Masterpost (also SaD Sketch Dump)

Slayers Week Masterpost (also SaD Sketch Dump) published on

So to recap, there was a little fan event going on over at Tumblr where people would submit fanart/fiction/other along a set of themes that I rather liked because they weren’t the usual “look how cute these two are together” material that fandoms seem to be all about these days (“wouldn’t Attack on Titan be amazing if it were less about attacking titans and more about the boys kissing each other and sitting in coffee shops with nice scarves?”) I was happy to participate and managed to turn in a solid week of color works without getting lazy! (Although I did submit one drawing too early and another I postponed because the sketch was looking wonky.)

So here’s all of them in one handy post since I got more than a few Slayers fans among my followers~

Happy 3/2 Day!

Happy 3/2 Day! published on

Slayers Week continues with days 3, 4, and 5- Day 3 was just about Filia, so I decided to at least try for an action pose since I imagined most other participants would be drawing her being floaty and pretty and generally non…actiony. The next day was more open, with a theme of Spells. I decided to go with Raywing since it always seemed like a particularly useful one in the series- not only is it good for high speed flight, it also allows the user to go underwater in a bubble of air that can be expanded large enough to carry others AND offer a degree of protection with its wind barrier. Finally, Day 5 went back to a character focused day for Gourry, so I went with a sword stance that looks more like he’s about to swing a ball bat. Whoop.

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