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Randomizer Encounters and Other Twitchery

Randomizer Encounters and Other Twitchery published on


Been pretty busy the past few weeks between settling into the new place and participating in RGL stuff, but still setting aside time to draw where I can and am not spazzing out. Luckily the things I was stressing most about didn’t come to pass (owing money for repairs and junk on the old place since it was a little junky since day one and four years of single guy dwelling didn’t help it out much, and some dickery involving the utility company0 and I’ve been back in a much more productive kind of headspace. My own channel and work are doing pretty decent right now, I’m now among the first bunch of streamers invited to Affiliate status, so if anyone catches me streaming and feels like, feel free to toss a Bit tip my way. I need to do some work updating this site to better show off my projects since WordPress was originally just adopted as an easy, more streamlined way to get text posts and articles online. It’s a bit trickier to get comic page layouts and gallery updates up and going.

So, on the subject of projects, I’m still planning to do the card game and set up a proper page for it to give an overview of the rules and general setting for the sake of gathering some interest, though the thing that I’m about to start seriously picking away at is, of all things, a re-imagining of Revolver Knight! It’s a drastic overhaul, but it should be a pretty massive improvement as a story too. I could gripe about the old one for hours (though I still don’t hate it enough to just pull the whole thing down) but the chief problem with RK, IMO was I just tried to jam too many ‘cool things’ into it. It was kind of intended to be a pastiche or mashup of stuff I thought was cool in various games and anime at the time, which¬†probably should have been a warning sign from the get-go, but it was received decently in the beginning so I ran with it. Over time though, I kind of ran out of steam and the later chapters are rushed in an effort to show off more of the world but not really afford time to flesh them out by much. One of the biggest things I think will help is focusing more on the small-level story, sticking with the characters and their homeland and how things are affecting THEM and not forcing an ‘epic’ cross country trek. I’ve been roughing out the first chapter already and may release it as a stand alone .pdf or something to see how people enjoy it to see whether to continue it or focus on something else.

On another topic, I’ve been pretty interested in game randomizers lately, though the only one I’m really playing is The Guardian Legend one, TGL Worlds. It doesn’t have a very robust set of features compared to the Zelda ones where you can toggle some features for the seed, you just insert a rom and it spits out a randomized version of it. It also doesn’t really seem to check very thoroughly that it will give you a completable version of the game. But it does do the chief thing I want and actually alter maps, vs. just shuffling item placement between chests. It does some pretty wacky stuff and tends to cluster items and rooms of a same type together, making it easy to get overpowered (and overly costly) weapons early on… or create chains of 3-4 save chambers end to end. Still, it’s a pretty cool way to breathe new life into an old game I already like, just like trying to adopt some of the tricks speedrunners use to make some of the more aggravating bosses and stuff go down all the faster.

Fan Trash Burning On Mondays Only

Fan Trash Burning On Mondays Only published on




2016-08-15-scribbles 2016-08-03-bluhmotivational_ratchet nadyne radona_face starocean20th

Here’s a little catch up post of stuff I’ve posted to my Tumblr since getting a new laptop. The screen on the old one died and I’m kind of procrastinating getting files off of it since I’ve actually been decent about backups lately. It’s a mix of fan art and some sketches for that game idea I’m picking at. Currently inking a new +/- strip and planning to work on my card game a bit this week since I’ll be off.


Radoooonaaaaa published on 2 Comments on Radoooonaaaaa


Been tinkering with ideas for another shot at a game project. Basically, I want to try and make a less on the nose The Guardian Legend homage featuring a half-dragon who wanders the countryside trying to help people out with monster infestations. I… like drawing her a little too much considering the other projects I’m “supposed” to be working on.

Speaking of, it has been a while since I brought up Irrgarten, hasn’t it? I’ve been kicking around what works and doesn’t between the major revisions and I’ve decided to more or less ‘roll back’ the game to the old style and ditch the secondary stats so it can play nice and fast again. I liked the idea of the marching order a lot but in practice each player getting four actions per turn plus monsters’ turns was getting ridiculous without some kind of initiative rolls or something going on. When I get some time, I plan to buckle down and get a playable v3 out for people to try out, then maybe, just maybe- figure out how to get this thing *produced.*


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