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Sketch-A-Day 003- Believe in Justice

Sketch-A-Day 003- Believe in Justice published on 2 Comments on Sketch-A-Day 003- Believe in Justice

2015-01-03-believe-in-justiI’ve had this idea kicking around ever since I watched Madoka and started pulling up the soundtrack to discover Mami’s theme is titled “Believing in Justice.” There’s some issues with the torso and arm perspective, but overall I kinda like how this one turned out. The pose is more interesting than yesterday’s, anyway. I’ll try to experiment more as I go along.

Sketch-A-Day 001- Electric Sheep

Sketch-A-Day 001- Electric Sheep published on 1 Comment on Sketch-A-Day 001- Electric Sheep


‘Kay so here’s the idea. I barely posted on 3/2 last year even though I was actually fairly busy. So for 2015, I’m going to challenge myself to post *something* daily, even if it’s just a sketch or sucks. So, let’s begin with one of those “this is the year of the (insert animal here) doodles of Eishi.

Ideally, I want to close out the year with another Eishi and see how things change over the year. Let’s see if I stick to that.

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