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RELOAD! published on

Hey, I finally got around to updating and fixing all the backend stuff on the site (that I can remember being broken, anyway.) Chiefly, Revolver Knight is now readable again, should anyone want to go back and check out my old series. I could have done better with it overall, probably went in with a bigger scale story and world than I could actually use within the space of a real story for one. So, if you’re curious, nostalgic or feel like comparing my old work to now, enjoy.

I do toy around with the idea of redoing the series some day just because I still like the characters. (In fact I’m not *totally* against the idea of using my card based RPG as an RK reboot of sorts since both have their roots in homaging JRPG and old anime tropes; at the very least, cameo characters are all but guaranteed.)

As far as the actual nuts-and-bolts issue that had the site offline before, apparently having multiple MySQL databases run by the same user account creates *issues* and in fact can be an indicator to my hosting company as evidence of foul play (somehow) so I’ve gone through and created a bunch of redundant new accounts in order to keep the site from spontaneously breaking on me again.

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