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Fan Trash Burning On Mondays Only

Fan Trash Burning On Mondays Only published on




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Here’s a little catch up post of stuff I’ve posted to my Tumblr since getting a new laptop. The screen on the old one died and I’m kind of procrastinating getting files off of it since I’ve actually been decent about backups lately. It’s a mix of fan art and some sketches for that game idea I’m picking at. Currently inking a new +/- strip and planning to work on my card game a bit this week since I’ll be off.


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Been tinkering with ideas for another shot at a game project. Basically, I want to try and make a less on the nose The Guardian Legend homage featuring a half-dragon who wanders the countryside trying to help people out with monster infestations. I… like drawing her a little too much considering the other projects I’m “supposed” to be working on.

Speaking of, it has been a while since I brought up Irrgarten, hasn’t it? I’ve been kicking around what works and doesn’t between the major revisions and I’ve decided to more or less ‘roll back’ the game to the old style and ditch the secondary stats so it can play nice and fast again. I liked the idea of the marching order a lot but in practice each player getting four actions per turn plus monsters’ turns was getting ridiculous without some kind of initiative rolls or something going on. When I get some time, I plan to buckle down and get a playable v3 out for people to try out, then maybe, just maybe- figure out how to get this thing *produced.*


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