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Post PAX Sketch Dump

Post PAX Sketch Dump published on




Wow, another year’s PAX has come and gone. It was a great time, though of the three of us rooming together I was the only one not to get sick. There wasn’t really as much upcoming stuff as prior years, some of the major releases like Nier: Automata and the Switch had already debuted, but ¬†with the Zephyr Studio guys at their table. One of my favorite parts of the whole experience though was Blaster Master Zero being released shortly before my trip out began, so I spent the weekend picking at it off and on before finishing it for the first time on the plane trip home. Kinda fitting. It’s a very solid game, keeping in spirit of the original. Also I had the unique pleasure of ‘breaking’ a couple demos, one by being too good and the other just because the game was in a very early state. Best of luck to the devs of the latter, they were very good sports about when I was driving a motorcycle underwater with a lit torch in hand. Once the surprise wore off he just said, “I think we should start the Olympics this way from now on.”

I have a bunch of photos, too, but I’ll add them on later when I get around to hooking my phone up to the computer.

Sketch-A-Day 018- Waaaaarm

Sketch-A-Day 018- Waaaaarm published on


A pretty accurate depiction of how I deal with damp, cold, achey days like today. Like, in all seriousness, cold and snow don’t bother me as much as “kinda” cold and wet conditions. Only thing that helps is to kill the furnace and sit next to a space heater.

Also, hey! I’m getting a shot at visiting PAX East! I’ll probably be wandering around looking kind of spaced while wearing a jacket with Servbot pins on it. I’m not sure what the Venn diagram of “people who read this site” vs “people who attend PAX” looks like, but there surely must be some kind of overlap.


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