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205- Legends Never Die

205- Legends Never Die published on


Here’s some character design ideas I had for a continuation of Mega Man Legends before I talked myself out of doing anything with it in favor of trying to come up with original stuff.

I like to think that seeing as how the Bonnes seem to just fall back on pirating when they need the money, Tron wound up getting into engineering legitimately and earned herself some kind of prestigious position, while Roll toiled away in some small-town garage without that stream of ruin-exploring money coming in.

I also figured with the ending of MML2 alluding to the revival of the “old system” we might be seeing the return of older era characters, so I figured it was about time for a Protoman/Zero-esque friend/rival to show up. Never hammered it out much so I wound up skewing him more towards Zero (with a bit of Z Gundam in the armor, cough)

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