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SaD2-003 A Boy and His Frog

SaD2-003 A Boy and His Frog published on


So, in the original Japanese version of Blaster Master, Meta Fight, the action takes place on the planet Sophia III. Your tank, the Metal Attacker is from the NORA arms satellite, the only thing to survive the aliens’ raid on the planet. So that SOPHIA III- NORA crest on the end screen is referencing that.

I just thought that was neat.

Let’s Talk About Mechs, Baby

Let’s Talk About Mechs, Baby published on

I have a funny history of sorts with the Armored Core series. Even though I love the daylights out of the games now, I actually didn’t care for it too much at first. I was kind of going through a phase where I was more into the Super Robot sub genre (like say, Voltron and Gaogaigar), and while I liked the tabletop version of Battletech, the Mechwarrior games felt too clunky and restrictive for my tastes. Basically, I went in hoping for something more “anime” and threw together something that looked “cool” but was horribly overweight and couldn’t do anything without depleting its energy meter and get shot to pieces. Years later, I found myself jonesing for more robot combat and gave Armored Core 4 a shot, but still wasn’t impressed, in this case it was more a fault of mission design than skewed expectations.Continue reading Let’s Talk About Mechs, Baby

Gundam Fettucini Renaissance Whatever

Gundam Fettucini Renaissance Whatever published on


I don’t care what the official name is, it’s Jade Wing Gundam to me!

I haven’t built an HG kit since high school and even though they’re the lower end of Gundam kits, even this is better than what I remember, from the partial internal structure used to make joints to the extra give in the shoulders letting it cross its arms. Still, the way the aformentioned joints slide in and out a bit (to help with range of motion I assume) made standing it in a neutral-ish pose kind of awkward! I should go order a matching green Action Base off Amazon since this thing is clearly meant to be displayed hovering with its wings spread out and beam capelet things out. I really dig the Armored Core-esque forearm blade and machine pistol it has which can be attached to the underside of the already substantial Buster Rifle. It’s kind of a shame so many Gundams are kind of married to carrying a shield around, even though this one’s got a pretty sweet one with an armored plate that clamps around the hand.

My actual craftsmanship is pretty rough still, but it’s kind of cool getting back into modeling!

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