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Sketchin’ and Kvetchin’ Ohhh Yeah

Sketchin’ and Kvetchin’ Ohhh Yeah published on

Woo hoo, it has been a time lately, lemme tell ya. But in a good way. After a good while following, I was brought on board at Retrogaming Live, which has been a nice boost to my Twitch presence along with a chance to show off some of well, MyGames. I started off with a playthrough of The Guardian Legend, moving on to a recent rediscovered favorite, Macross: Scrambled Valkyrie and Metal Warriors. My usual spot will be Wednesdays, 3pm-5pm though occasionally I’ll be filling in for other casters. Lotsa good people to watch on that channel, give ’em a look some time!

I’ve been taking some bigger steps towards getting My Stuff in order after saying I was going to over and over, I’m going to focus on finishing up Irrgarten and starting a proper page for it, then possibly offering a PnP version through Amazon or some self publisher venue if the ‘demo’ goes over well enough. In bigger news, if I didn’t mention before, I’m finally going to be getting out of The Box and moving into a larger apartment at the end of the month, which I’m both excited for and a bit anxious when I realize I have basically *no* furniture and I’ve almost forgotten what having room is like. It’ll be nice being able to get a couch or something though, and not continue sinking deeper and deeper into my mattress while I try to get work done.

Sadly, I gotta confess in spite of the sketch dumps basically evening out, I *have* missed a couple days in my SaD challenge, but mainly due to working on requests and stuff. I usually prefer not to make gifts/commissions public unless the recipient is aware and cool with it, especially when like original characters are involved and such.

Hopefully soon I’ll have some Irrgarten news to share since I’m going to be trying to focus on the parts I’ve been procrastinating (new dungeon tiles and redoing basically the whole item list so there will be more ‘utility’ items like keys and less redundant special weapons.) The hero cards are by far the most fun thing to work on but I think I’ve got plenty of those, time to focus on ways to maim them.

The Little Builders’ Experience

The Little Builders’ Experience published on


After finishing the enjoyable but overshadowed Little Battlers Experience (LBX) for 3DS, I had a hunch based on the detailed model kit boxes and the fact the game was about robots and from Bandai, that I could probably find some model kits based on it on Amazon. And right I was, for a surprisingly non gougey sum, I now own a physical copy of the LBX I used through most of the game. I’m sure there are probably better possible builds available, but I’m a sucker for robots that turn into jets, so here’s Odin!

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210-Look, More Green

210-Look, More Green published on


Jade Wing came up in yesterday’s post, and someone was curious about how that looked. It’s been so long I don’t remember any emblems or junk like that any more, so I kind of winged what a VF-1J from that squadron would look like, then tried to play with wing paint patterns. It’s really half born from the name of the Vermillion Squadron (that seems like such an ungainly name to repeat over the radio in a firefight) and half thinking Clan Jade Falcon was cool.

…Based on the Saturday morning cartoon version of Battletech.


















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