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Gundam Fettucini Renaissance Whatever

Gundam Fettucini Renaissance Whatever published on


I don’t care what the official name is, it’s Jade Wing Gundam to me!

I haven’t built an HG kit since high school and even though they’re the lower end of Gundam kits, even this is better than what I remember, from the partial internal structure used to make joints to the extra give in the shoulders letting it cross its arms. Still, the way the aformentioned joints slide in and out a bit (to help with range of motion I assume) made standing it in a neutral-ish pose kind of awkward! I should go order a matching green Action Base off Amazon since this thing is clearly meant to be displayed hovering with its wings spread out and beam capelet things out. I really dig the Armored Core-esque forearm blade and machine pistol it has which can be attached to the underside of the already substantial Buster Rifle. It’s kind of a shame so many Gundams are kind of married to carrying a shield around, even though this one’s got a pretty sweet one with an armored plate that clamps around the hand.

My actual craftsmanship is pretty rough still, but it’s kind of cool getting back into modeling!

MS At Work- Real Grade Zeta Gundam

MS At Work- Real Grade Zeta Gundam published on

11703157_10153410775221904_2640919933450063542_nSo, since my last Gundam post, I managed to utterly shatter the Zeta’s hip joint after dropping it while applying the “realistic” decals. After about a day’s worth of repair attempts, I wound up caving (after a few days dwelling on it) and buying a second RG Zeta, bent on doing this one “right.” I took my time and really made sure everything fit as snug as it could while applying the stickers as I went, since putting them on at the end was both awkward and what lead to my little mishap. Zeta Number Two went off without a hitch, even though I did cheat a little by borrowing parts from the first one (just the head because the eye sticker cooperated a lot better the first time and the accessories as a temporary measure before I redo them up to more careful standards. I just really wanted to show off early.

11752434_10153430448931904_776018524621572653_n 11210497_10153430448936904_5069043758826731004_n (1) 11207365_10153430448941904_4632234680759161226_n

That said, as much as I love ogling mech models and building them, I’m not a master builder by far, I pretty much just snap and go with a bare minimum of tools on the side, an exacto, some clippers and a file. I don’t really mind leaving the original finish on my kits since I kind of like them to stay a little toy-like. I should get some markers or learn a little finesse with a brush, because the decals with this kit felt like they exist to punish a guy for not doing things the hard way- they’re not quite transparent on the colored portions, but it’s not too noticeable unless you’re right up in there, and worse, some cover up molded in details. They don’t look bad if you follow up by pressing in along the panel lines with a toothpick afterwards, as they conform to the surface well, but I still imagine they’d look better actually painted in. Maybe next time. Then again, I almost prefer the clean, more anime look it gets without decals period. I more than likely won’t bother with using the whole sheet again at any rate, since while I like the extra stripes and trim lines, the random too-tiny-to-read warning labels around basically every joint don’t do much for me, and I’m not the biggest fan of the ver. Katoki-ish “let’s stamp the mech’s name and serial number all over it” treatment. I’ve seen worse by far, but the larger decals on the main back booster and shield cover up a lot of panel lines and don’t manage conform down into them as well as the smaller ones elsewhere.

11745525_10153435446236904_7417426026467483388_n 11700925_10153435446286904_8167174797161512872_n 11011245_10153435445831904_7787184732126664396_n

Currently I’m displaying it in Wave Rider mode, which holds together impressively well considering how the thing looks. The weakest link is probably the struts connecting it to the back, which frankly don’t do all that much once you have the wing binders clipped into the sides of the shield. They’re made of the softer plastic that the internal skeleton is made out of, which doesn’t like to stay put in either mode, but has backup tabs to rely on. It’s probably for the best they remove easily though since it’s easier than managing the ‘canon’ wraparound motion. I can take or leave the rifle resting across the top of the machine, it doesn’t disrupt the look too badly, but it still juts out similarly to all those old Transformers who had a ‘battle mode’ consisting of a car with a pistol tied to the roof. Also, it’s not super apparent just looking at it, but the legs are actually pretty secure rather than dangling loose like it appears, since the front hip armor is snugged into notched in the wing armor.

As mentioned before, the wing armor and rifle are borrowed from my broken kit and don’t have all their stickers applied yet, though that mostly means that it’s just missing a bunch of white accent lines along the red wing edge.

Even with my fuck up, I totally loved building my first Real Grade kit. I’d love to do another some time, though the selection is kind of limited and the Zeta seems to be the only transforming MS in the lineup. Maybe I’ll shoot for a Valkyrie model next time. I think I may take some pics and comment as I go along on my next build, for the hell of it. This one was especially fun since the internal skeleton you build around is more than just a gimmick like I expected hearing about Master Grades from friends, it makes the final product feel a lot more solid and stable when it’s done. You’re still not going to treat the thing like an action figure, but the fact that it isn’t hollow somehow leads to an overall more satisfying piece, and much like how I loved the D Style line, the fact it retains its transformation ability is a big selling point for me.

You can find your own RG Zeta for about 30 bucks on Amazon. I guess another perk of Gundam kits is they’re easy to come by and pretty affordable overall.

Let It Waveride

Let It Waveride published on


And now, for something completely different.

zeta1 zeta2 zeta3

I finished assembling my RG Zeta today! Haven’t tested the transformation or applied the decals yet, then again I’m not super huge on the “Katoki went nuts with the label maker” tampos everywhere look so I may leave it minimal or bare and just enjoy all that blue.

This was actually my first non-HG Gundam kit, these days I’ve mainly been building D Style chibi mecha and in the past I did my share of Gundam Wing stuff. I love the stability of the inner skeleton compared to all the hollow portions of the other kits, though the left hip on Zeta is already getting a little saggy, so I hope the skeleton (which was largely pre assembled) joints don’t wear out too fast.

In any case I probably won’t move it around too much until my stand shows up in like another month thanks to buying it from a different seller. Furg.

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