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Angel Dust doodles. Seems like a good excuse to finally explain what the heck this is about anyway.

Gatty Ling is a planetary Guardian Angel in training, using Earth as a ‘trainer planet’ to prove herself worthy of defending Galactic Federation space from evil. Even though the higher ups essentially sent her there to dispose of her because her power set is well, defective, she winds up encountering a serious threat to the universe as well as stumbling on the agency’s darker secrets. She also comes to genuinely like the people she’s watching over, but is it a good idea with the rash of unusual disappearances in her adopted home city?

Her “defect” is that unlike other Guardian Angels, she’s unable to manifest her weaponry from thin air and has to resort to exposing the crystal matter in her veins to the air to bring them out once she runs out of “Dust.” Hence the number of pics of her covered in blood and/or clutching her knife.

The lower sketches are just a handful of side characters including Tane Gashima, a stoic “demon hunter” with an enchanted sheath that produces an endless supply of different kinds of blades, and Daisy Airsoft, the perfectionist cheerleader who is deeply suspicious of the pair of new girls who just showed up one day with a home address pointing to the town’s junk yard.

235- Bloody Adorable

235- Bloody Adorable published on


Took a break from the Slayers stuff to practice a couple tweaks to Gatty’s design and draw some non SD figures in general. Though I do really use a similar process for both, I just really elongate everything. I find myself relenting on my initial idea to go full tilt cutesy fashion-doll style on the Angel Dust designs. Still making an attempt to avoid too much sameface, I think her eyes and rounded off chin pull it off pretty well in a low-detail style like I favor.

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