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Friday Night’s Alright for Catch-Up

Friday Night’s Alright for Catch-Up published on

Been on a bit of a kick of trying to tweak and refine my Ether character design. Busy week, really. I did a set of emotes for Toad on Twitch and working at tiny resolutions has got me kind of fired up to try pixel art again. I also may have some drawing assets for a friend’s video project soon. It’s felt pretty good to have people interested in my stuff. I hope to do a little overhaul of the site soon to push my illo/commission info a bit harder as I’d like to get some side cash flow going this year. On that note, I do have a Redbubble store now as well, though the selection’s a bit limited as I look for pieces I’d like to upload or polish to make uploadable.

Wiping All Out~

Wiping All Out~ published on

2016-11-03-ether I’ve been slowly revising and testing Irrgarten lately, but mostly watching/broadcasting entirely too much gaming content on Twitch. I do hope to have a new playable demo uploaded fairly soon. I look to kind of ‘generify’ the character stats for balance’s sake and each player basically get the same overall ‘guild’ to work from with cosmetic differences. It’ll be easier to pick up and play than using a drafting system and a mess of unique characters, as much as I sorta hate giving that up. Maybe I’ll still figure out some way to have ‘advanced’ heroes you can recruit further into a game.

Been tweaking Ether’s design a bit more, especially trying to come up with a weapon that suits her. The one thing I kind of had ‘set’ from the start in designing around a Guardian Legend inspired game was having a weapon that could believably perform a variety of different attacks without like, transforming or something, so a ‘gunblade’ felt like the best pick for the main character to wield. I’d sort of like to go with a system where you can swap parts to change shot types and keep spells as special attacks for the second button. I guess the thing is I basically have two ‘split’ stories at this point (see; Radona’s perky looks), one bright and goofy and another that’s darker (Ether having to rescue her besieged homeland from a family she never knew she had) and they’re like, similar enough that doing both and pretending they’re unrelated would be strange. Oh well. GameMaker stuff is on the burner behind Irrgarten for now.

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