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Catching Up

Catching Up published on

Oh dear, I’ve been neglectful again. :( Been keeping busy most of the month with work, family, and Twitch stuff, not doing as much actual drawing as I’d like, but I think I’ve cooked up an idea for a livestream routine that’ll let me get my groove back a bit: basically, picking a theme and working off of it for a few hours as practice and chat casual like, so I have something arty to work on that doesn’t fall under ‘work’ in my brain. Tonight I kicked it off with WayForward, I may see if anyone wants to join me on the Discord voice chat for a little topical discussion in other sessions. I have a major remodel idea in mind for around here in the future, so if you wanna run around and save some stuff just in case something go awry.. hey.


SaD-25 published on 2 Comments on SaD-25

I guess it’s kind of been a while since I talked much here as opposed to just tossing up my sketch for the day and going to bed. I’m doing good at sticking to my goals for the most part in this exercise, though having so many places I want to share the pics has kind of meant a few nights (like last night) where I just go to the easy/automated spots like Twitter and Tumblr and save the manual 3/2 posting for the morning. So, apologies to those who look to here first for updates.

I’ll be streaming a bit on my Twitch this afternoon, the usual doodling, though I’m also in a bit of a design mood so I may try to rough out some logo ideas as well.

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