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A Very Special Episode of: 3/2

A Very Special Episode of: 3/2 published on

Touchdown Jesus is no more.

My native state of Ohio doesn’t have a lot of gorgeous natural places to call its own, so most of the things people travel willingly here for are things we had to build. On the one hand, you have Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, which pulls in people from all over the world the way only airborne death and researching airborne death can, as well as the neighboring United States Air Force Museum, where civilians can study airborne death.

One of our lesser tourist traps, the infamous Touchdown Jesus is no more after a night of nasty lightning storms. One must wonder, did some cosmic force decide it was ‘a bit much’ after leaving it be for so long? Is mighty Zeus or Thor hoping to herald in the return of his pantheon?

Thank you, Comrade!

Thank you, Comrade! published on

In another ‘thrilling tales of the site’s unseen backend,’ about 90% of my spam comments are Russian. Not exactly sure why. Maybe I’m unwittingly big in Mother Russia. At any rate, I got curious as to what “Мир! Труд! Май!” meant, and found out it meant “Peace! Labor! May!” which sounds both exuberant and gritty. It’s like it screams out “It’s spring, friend! Once we finish our 14 hours at the factory, tonight we drink like kings!


Packy&Marlon published on

More like Camp Wa-koff!! LOL!!!

Nope, nothing vaguely sexual here.

Raya Systems and A Medical Supply Company With Cash To Burn

The Short Version: The other SNES game for diabetics. Yep.

The Long Version: Pull up the splatter sheet.Continue reading Packy&Marlon

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