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059- Kei Visual

059- Kei Visual published on

2015-03-01-keiLemme get something off my chest-

I like Dirty Pair Flash. Yeah, the 90’s re-imagining. Well, to be fair just the first two out of three ‘seasons’ of it. The third set of OAVs was pretty horrible fanservicey, unconnected episodes capped with a decent finale that mostly just served to make me go “why wasn’t the whole OAV like that?”

I’ve kinda wanted to take a crack at redesigning a few outfit designs from old favorite shows of mine. Honestly, I don’t know what the best look for Kei would be, but her weird not-quite-shorts from Flash were kind of distractingly weird to me. Actually, I liked her street clothes better than her WWA battle getup. Oh well. Remember 90’s Spirits and all that.

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