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Break Time

Break Time published on

Today, randomly, a guy asked me about my website while I was on my way out of the gym. Granted, he heard about it from my mom since he’s one of the staff who helps watch my brother, but I’ve officially been stopped on the street by someone who’s read my work. That’s pretty awesome.

It’s been a while since I posted in honor of the incineration-by-lightning of a local landmark. Work’s been a pain, but at least it’s been different kinds of pain, as I’ve been shipping around to different stores. As more and more places switch to all-digital and handle film off site, I’m actually finding myself kind of in demand as a fill-in, since so many trainees can’t work a wet lab, let alone troubleshoot or mix chemicals if need be. Haven’t really had time to game much, and I do have at least one gig I need to finish… after typing this, pretty much, and that’s why I haven’t added a new review of late. I’m hoping to get at least one new ‘feature’ style bit up a week again.

The doodle is because I got a new Wacom Bamboo for my birthday. That’s what I looked like while doing that sketch. The humidity is why my hair looks so awesome, but the drool is a Gucci product I’ve been trying out.


Packy&Marlon published on

More like Camp Wa-koff!! LOL!!!

Nope, nothing vaguely sexual here.

Raya Systems and A Medical Supply Company With Cash To Burn

The Short Version: The other SNES game for diabetics. Yep.

The Long Version: Pull up the splatter sheet.Continue reading Packy&Marlon

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