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Oh, Hi

Oh, Hi published on

Just dropping in to mention there’s another installment of [+/-] coming this week, been pretty hectic around here lately, and making these strips involves making time to not only draw them, but play the games (or re-play, in some cases) so I’m sort of approaching them fresh.

It’s been kind of pleasantly surprising how much people seem to like these little strips. The idea sort of sprung to mind a while ago, I wanted to continue reviewing games on 3/2 because I like sharing the experience of gaming, especially as often as I tend towards niche titles or other stuff that’s somewhat non-mainstream and hope to hook a few people.

(Should I apologize again to the guy who bought Izuna and didn’t like it?)

I sort of wanted to create both some site mascots and get back into doing more cartooning, so I figured why not mash it up? What I’m sort of shooting for is less ‘a gaming comic’ than reviewing things in comic format, to try and give them a little more flavor since the text reviews were really starting to feel too dry, and I don’t want to become a video reviewer. (That said, Flash isn’t out of the question, but I think that’s a ways off.) I definitely need to do something to speed my work flow up a bit if I want to make a regular thing out of it.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who offered their support so far. Maybe this’ll become a ‘thing.’

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