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“Irrgarten” First Run!

“Irrgarten” First Run! published on

I finally got around to printing off and testing my game tonight! I’m happy to say it isn’t immediately broken like I feared and it plays pretty speedy, which was something I was shooting for. It definitely needs some tweaking for balances sake, I was afraid of things being too easy and made some of the monsters OP- particularly my Harpies. (Monsters basically act like a status effect, and Harpies kidnap the ‘weakest’ party member, which with the sample parties [Fighter, Cleric, Sorceress and Thief apiece] meant the Sorceress was getting grabbed leading to a serious drop in overall damage output that made killing them impossible. The Cleric’s passive heal ability could also probably make the game run forever if not checked in some manner since it heals 1 HP turn- and damage is dealt basically 1 at a time. So at the least, monsters should have their defenses nerfed. So should the ‘encounter rate,’ too- I stupidly put more monster attack cards into the room deck than i made sample monsters. Player 1 spawned in a poison gas chamber then stepped into three consecutive monster panels (which queues them up so that party was effectively in battle the entire game.) Maybe monsters shouldn’t ‘stack,’ maybe i should change how moving and battling works.

Seems salvagable, anyway! I need to start players out with a handful of items so things are a bit more strategic and make the monsters a little fairer (Trolls having really high defense AND healing if you don’t damage them in a turn for one-what would I even do for boss monsters?)

Anyway, updates as they happen. Look forward to it!

155- Into the Dungeon

155- Into the Dungeon published on


So, as many games as I play, it’s probably not surprising I get plenty of ideas for games I’d like to make as well. An aggravating amount, really, considering my energy and skill level when it comes to stuff like actual coding and grunt work. As cool as video games would be to get into, I also like to kick around pen and paper concepts for ideas as well for an alternative. Seeing the variety of smallish-to-largish card and board games on display at PAX 2015 really sparked a more serious interest in them. I can totally see a board game working as a viable way to put together a self contained gaming experience, and as such I’ve been kicking around ideas for a good while now on how to make an easy to play JRPG-inspired dungeon crawl. Tonight, I felt like finally sitting down and jotting down some notes related to what I’ve been brainstorming on to share for now.


The game actually sort of began life as an action-RPG where you could build a party who moves as one cohesive unit, with you controlling the leader directly and the rest of your team doing different stuff based on their position automatically. Kind of a frantic ball of slashing, arrowing and passive spell buffing, basically. Then I got to thinking that a randomly-generated dungeon would totally be doable with a deck of cards, and having physical stuff to move around is always neat. My aim is basically to create something that would not only be pretty simple to pick up and play as intended, but open enough to encourage groups to invent their own quests or game styles off of the basics. That’s part of why I’m a big fan of the Dream Pod 9 RPG’s, they accomodate different “levels” of play so well that you can usually get away with playing the same units in a massive battle and keep the same basic rules played looser and more cinematically to have the players celebrate the battle with a drunken bar brawl or something.

The notes page above kind of has the basic gist of what I wanna try and do without having gotten far enough to find some testers. It’d be cool to add some extra battle options for when I get to PvP and boss battles and other random encounters, but I’m focusing on the basic idea of ‘guy does this when placed here’ for now since that’s kind of the core tenet.

Also, I know it’s kind of weird but I’d like to try and make the game solo play capable, for the sake of players who want a way to test out a team or deck between “real” sessions.

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