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Sketch A Day 028- Hot and Cold?

Sketch A Day 028- Hot and Cold? published on


Maybe the reason I keep drawing redheads and BRS is in reaction to the temperature out there. I did these to blow off steam after Photoshop gave me an elaborate series of errors while trying to color my strip. I’ll give that another shot later, plus I do have all day tomorrow. (I think Photoshop knows I’m seeing other programs…)

Sketch-A-Day 006- Blazing Blue

Sketch-A-Day 006- Blazing Blue published on

2015-01-06-brsI wound up talking to a friend about Black Rock Shooter crap for a while this afternoon and wound up taking a crack at drawing her again. Maybe I’m just being harsh on myself, but I just never seem to get proportions down right when I do the initial drawing on the tablet compared to when I’m drawing on paper and scan it. At any rate, I mostly turned this into an excuse to try out some softer shading and generally go nuts with the brush and smudge tools. It’s kind of relaxing!

2015-01-06-brs_visineAlso, as someone who wore rigid contact lenses for a really long time, I can’t help but imagine that when BRS powers up, it’s probably really uncomfortable and she probably binge-drops Visine into her eyeball between bizarre allegorical dream world brawls.

At any rate, really either of these are better than the random doodle I made of her way back when, though I wasn’t even really trying at the time either. I’m going to mix things up now and then on here since I’m trying to just kind of get some all around practice in, though if I’m bushed and/or sick like I basically started the year out as (blah) these sorts of doodles usually come pretty easily.

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