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So, I uh, took a break and forgot to hit “stream” again at some point. But I’ve been doodling away the afternoon here and picking at my latest commission. I sort of like tan Daisy even though she was just meant to be slightly ‘healthier’ looking than the other girls (who are space-born, anemic, and only really gets out at night in turn.)

I… felt pretty rusty after a break of only a couple days, so I shouldn’t give myself too many of those, but I was freaking exhausted between a long Tuesday and an early Wednesday. My plan was basically to save posting now for when I have something nice and finished, but the nice part isn’t going to happen if I go easy on myself.


angel cadet uniforms

angel cadet uniforms published on


Didn’t really feel up to anything major tonight so I tried some basic figure drawings leading up to some Angel Dust costume and item designs I’d been meaning to commit to paper. I realized a while back I have a tendency to base all my faction logos around like the letters or initials of the group, which got obvious enough even I wanted to mix it up so new Guardian Angel Corps logo is more about the wings and halo than working a GA in, though I still kinda like the one with an A snuck in between the wings.

I’ll probably wind up winging the ‘halos’ into something specific to each character involving concentric circles ranking from 1-7 ranks.

I was kinda kicking around the uniform shirts’s sleeves being able to roll up or down neatly thanks to “space fabrics” but then I remembered I kind of liked the zig-zagging buttons up the long sleeve version.


329-Crash published on


Man, this has been a long-ass week that started with medical issues and ended in well, Black Friday. So glad to be off tomorrow with no obligations beyond meeting Dad for breakfast and shmoozing.

From left to right (not counting Gatty’s hand); Tane Gashima, Gatty Ling, Daisy Airsoft, Beretta D’Armi, Tommy Gunn, Derringer Holden, Rick “Speed” Loader.

And… I dunno.

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