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Slayers Week Masterpost (also SaD Sketch Dump)

Slayers Week Masterpost (also SaD Sketch Dump) published on

So to recap, there was a little fan event going on over at Tumblr where people would submit fanart/fiction/other along a set of themes that I rather liked because they weren’t the usual “look how cute these two are together” material that fandoms seem to be all about these days (“wouldn’t Attack on Titan be amazing if it were less about attacking titans and more about the boys kissing each other and sitting in coffee shops with nice scarves?”) I was happy to participate and managed to turn in a solid week of color works without getting lazy! (Although I did submit one drawing too early and another I postponed because the sketch was looking wonky.)

So here’s all of them in one handy post since I got more than a few Slayers fans among my followers~

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