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Sketch-A-Day 016- Dee Study

Sketch-A-Day 016- Dee Study published on

2015-01-16-dee-chelleFun facts about Dee Chelle: Loves American action movies, and hopes to make one some day. Regards James Cameron about the same way Dixie regards Square-Enix. Her ‘icon’ is a multiplication symbol for no real reason other than to play off of Eishi and Dixie’s + and -. I can’t decide on an outfit for her like, at all. Despite referencing them as “evil twins” or “bizarro” versions of Eishi and Dixie, it’s not especially clear cut who is supposed to be the ‘stand in’ for the originals, though while writing them, she and Dixie grind each others gears the worst.

She’s also secretly my favorite to draw between the ‘devil horn’ twin-tails and exaggerated grump face. Dee is practically Dixie’s face on Eishi’s body, I guess.

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