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Sketch-A-Day 011- OC Scribblings

Sketch-A-Day 011- OC Scribblings published on

Cont2015-01-11-gg-scribblinginued messing with SAI tonight, I dunno. I like it in a lot of ways, but there seems to be a strange input lag, or rather something of an ‘un’put lag where it doesn’t seem to know when I’ve lifted the pen until about a fraction of a second later, leading to a bunch of weird ‘hooks’ while I was inking something I wound up scrapping. Still, the ability to tweak and alter stroke thickness on the fly is great, and the stabilizing feature is less uppity than the one in Illustrator. (it seems to actively know and attempt to thwart me drawing hands in particular.) I’ll probably be practicing with it a lot while the trial is on, if I can get it down I just may buy it.

The sketch of the day is just some assorted doodles of characters who will be appearing in my upcoming comic Angel Dust: BLEED. From left to right, top to bottom, we have protagonist Gatty Ling, council-assigned BFF Beretta D’Armi, Empress Arque, Ni-cho Tanegashima, Daisy Cutter and chomping a bullet like it was a cigarette is Gatty’s future nemesis Machete. Hopefully I can nail down the rest of the classmate designs and get going soon.


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