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SaD 13-Rydia study, sort of.

SaD 13-Rydia study, sort of. published on 1 Comment on SaD 13-Rydia study, sort of.

2017-01-13-bdhrydia 2017-01-13-rydiastudy

Not feeling super hot tonight, think maybe jubilantly running around in the rain yesterday to chase away the cabin fever backfired a little. Oh well, I’m off tomorrow to rest and recover anyway. I would have liked to polish some of those poses up a bit more but straight lines aren’t really happenin’ tonight.

I still love how Rydia gets this Big Damn Hero moment to single handedly save the party after her extended absence. It’s such a badass moment and utter ray of hope considering the number of party deaths and other reshufflings you go through.

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