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Regarding Robotech Retrospectives

Regarding Robotech Retrospectives published on

2014-11-12-VF1S-tanI haven’t given up on my Robotech thing, I’ve just been in more of a mood to draw in my free time than rewatch/reread/research the material, so the second part discussing the Sentinels is pretty far behind. I don’t really like it *quite* as much as the first part since the whole Sentinels project is kind of disjointed overall (the animated series cuts off after two episodes and I never read the comics, so that leaves the novels and RPG sourcebooks as the best resources I’ve got) and has more or less been relegated to secondary continuity anyway.

Still, when discussing “Robotech,” as its own entity, The Sentinels is still a significant chunk to look at. Goofy as it is, it was the first attempt made to really produce all-new content for the franchise. It includes little nods to each of the three ‘parent’ anime, and helps tie them together at last beyond a few clumsy splices to transition between ‘seasons.’ I’ve always found the effort kind of endearing, even if it amounts to weird, convoluted crossover fan fiction. So, hopefully I’ll be wrapping that up soon so I can finish getting all of that out of my system as part of my “make something I’m obsessed with into work so I get tired of it” program that’s worked like a charm pretty frequently.

Oddly, Platinum games seem immune and I want to play them *more* after writing about them. Hm.

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