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2013-02-04-rechargeSorry for the quiet of late! Been alternately busy or recuperating from being busy. Work has me on my feet more than I’ve been used to for the past… long time. I guess the upside is my kicks are leveling up and I have plenty of things to kick.

I haven’t really done anything +/- related in a while since I haven’t been playing any remotely current games lately, and I was at least making an attempt to do more relevant material than I normally would. I guess ultimately though, it isn’t like I expect people to use my strips as Consumer Reports level buying advice (in spite of slipping in a couple “for $X this isn’t a bad purchase” bits in the early ones.)

What I have been playing lately is Mass Effect 1! I probably won’t do anything with that since it seems weird to do so after covering 2 and 3 first. I’ve been picking at The Guardian Legend on emulator as well as seeing how much postgame Pokemon crap I can make myself try out so I have a team that’ll win me at least one online battle. I’m kind of awful at PvP in anything. I guess you could brand me a casual for that, but I prefer to consider myself a “buffet” gamer, sampling little bits of everything rather than going straight to the chicken wings and filling the whole plate with them.

Mm, I should try to get to Ponderosa again sometime…

(Ey, anybody like the little Mega Man style ear fin decorations on this Eishi? Or is it too much?)

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