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i don’t have a problem, pt. MCMXII

i don’t have a problem, pt. MCMXII published on


I haven’t drawn my take on the Guardian Legend protag in a while, from the remake I always wished I could make. I called her Miriya after the official Japanese name for her, but you know, with a Y inserted. At the time, there seemed to be a few “fanon” names for the character floating around, like for instance “Alyssa” seemed to be a popular one while I preferred just “The Guardian” to be safe.

I actually set out to design her in kind of a middle ground between battle-kini and a more practical armor set that would let her transform into a fighter jet mode without just hanging out the bottom, but it was kind of ‘cheaty’ in that it had the hip armor expand over the upper legs.

(Now that I look at her again she kind of feels like a pallete swap of Galaxy Fraulein Yuna, but I think I’m okay with that.)

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