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Updates, and Turnabout

Updates, and Turnabout published on 4 Comments on Updates, and Turnabout

Well, here it is, my surrender to automation. Before, all of my updates were produced in third world nations on an assembly line of questionable safety. This switch will be faster and easier for me, then, as well as less dismembering for all those orphans and veterans I had shipped down to South America. Unfortunately, I can’t afford to have them sent back, so hang in there, baby!

I’ve added an ‘Archive’ link up to take you to all of the old articles rather than take them offline for reformatting right away. New articles will of course be entered into this feed so they can be all dynamic and searchable and shit. This is cutting edge stuff (for 2002 or so), people!

The current theme banner came to me after a long and infuriating block thinking of something original to draw. I decided to fudge it for now and just dedicate it to the video game I’ve been playing the most lately. (Yes, the comic is gonna be late now, but I’ve been putting this site off for months.)

Coming soon: Phoenix Wright and Yggdra Union.

Phoenix freaks.

No further statements, your honor.


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