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Happy 3/2 Day!

Happy 3/2 Day! published on

Slayers Week continues with days 3, 4, and 5- Day 3 was just about Filia, so I decided to at least try for an action pose since I imagined most other participants would be drawing her being floaty and pretty and generally non…actiony. The next day was more open, with a theme of Spells. I decided to go with Raywing since it always seemed like a particularly useful one in the series- not only is it good for high speed flight, it also allows the user to go underwater in a bubble of air that can be expanded large enough to carry others AND offer a degree of protection with its wind barrier. Finally, Day 5 went back to a character focused day for Gourry, so I went with a sword stance that looks more like he’s about to swing a ball bat. Whoop.

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