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Death March

Death March published on
It won't be pretty.
Design still a work in progress, mind you.

Oh, wow.

I’ve been away for longer than planned, sorry about that! Back on an old forum, someone told me that failing to update my page isn’t something you should apologize for if you’re doing it for fun, but I just never could make myself buy into that. I would go into my usual “it’s been cuh-razy around here” in some nondescript way, and let the reader’s imagination fill the blanks, but real talk- I’ve just been tired out and keep telling myself that I’m going to draw say, after dinner, which I intend to make once my feet stop hurting, and my feet stop hurting about 2-3 hours after getting home from work.

Current things I’m actually, honestly working on right now are an article inspired by a friend’s blog post (which I suppose in this day and age I should post to a tumblr account and label as a “meme” in hopes it becomes a thing), a +/- strip on Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (which I have a hard time not just calling “New Zelda”), and ongoing work toward a new long-form webcomic I’ve been teasing about and brainstorming for a while now. It’s had a funny development history, in fact the point I’m starting from is technically “Season 2” of the overall series as planned, but the ideas were just flowing so easily I decided to roll with it after a friend suggested kicking the start point to there. The downside is I have to come up with a new title since the original was named after the heroine, and she isn’t in this part of the journey! Hoo boy.

I am totally wearing my shirt inside out right now. Agh.

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