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Day Nine: Embarassing Baby Pictures

Day Nine: Embarassing Baby Pictures published on

Let’s kick off this anniversary thing, already. This is both an easy update to write, since the material’s already been sitting around idle for ten years; and a hard one because god damn if my old artwork isn’t humiliating. Also writing. And hosting, since it’s AOL and thusly published under my old Anime Character+Random Number handle. So, enjoy. Or don’t. Or do like I do and take comfort in the fact that I’m at least better at this shit than I was at 15.

Link and commentary follows!WOOHOO! YOU’VE MADE IT TO ZEL64’S PLACE!

I admit, the state I found the page in could have been worse. Most of the content had been deleted in preparation for a move to my first *real* host- by which I of course mean FortuneCities leaving only a placeholder full of lame high schooler drawings and ^_^ smileys. I guess this could qualify as a full disclosure kinda thing, though it’s been there for anyone miserably curious enough to look ever since I said my web presence began as a shitty AOL Hometown page. But damned if I was proud back then. Why, my friend Kyle had taken my stuff home and used his *SCANNOR* to get my pictures in digital form (presumably through magic) so I could show them off to the world. I got a scanner of my own for Christmas that year so by the time what you see here rolled around, most of the scanning was my own. I even wrote scads of fan fiction! Crossover fan fiction! WHAT IF Dirty Pair had starred the main characters of the Slayers!?

Also if the download doesn’t display or work for you at home, good!

Tomorrow: Something I actually had to work on!

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