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What’s That Scamp Up To These Days?

What’s That Scamp Up To These Days? published on

It’s been a while since I really sat down and wrote out a substantial post anywhere. Seeing as how that I’m up way past my normal bed time thanks to a ‘nap’ that lasted longer than my usual sleep these days, it seems like as good a time as any. So, first off, nope, not dead. Mostly been busy with Twitch related junk the past… wow, probably like a year, as one might guess from adding an entire gallery devoted to emotes I made for friends and commission since that’s what I’ve been doing the most of, art-wise for a spell. I started 2018 with the intent to do another sketch-a-day exercise but I’ve been pretty bad at keeping up and pretty much accepted a more modest “just don’t go for entire weeks without plugging in your tablet” as a goal. My schedule takes a toll on me sometimes, though I’m mostly happy to be done with The Day Job by 1pm at the latest most days. If I still had the energy to get more done in that post work free time I’d be really happy, har.

I’ve been battling against burnout off and on lately and cut down on some of my Twitch time to get out once in a while or nap or something. I love the community on there, but sometimes I feel kind of a pressure to ‘be there’ for people, especially friends with smaller audiences or just starting out and I can’t be everywhere at once, ya know? Hopefully there’s no hard feelings- kind of doubt there are- but if anyone’s been missing me around, it’s not personal, I’m just pacing myself!

As one might have sussed looking at some of my recent sketch posts, I am still planning to get back into doing some comics for the site and have plenty of material to work from, just again, time and energy are a thing. The next few days especially I kind of need to make a push to create a set of overlays for a marathon while also practicing some game runs *for* said marathon… hopefully inspiration bonks me upside the head and the overlays turn out to be a snap so I can work on not embarassing myself. But RK is definitely in my brain and I hope that the redone version of the story will be to everyone’s liking. I’ve learned a hell of a lot about both art and writing since back then.

I’ve been kicking around a few sorta opinion pieces I might share here in the future, otherwise til next time feel free to follow my Twitter/Twitch for a steady drip of my content (apparently the Twitch widget on the sidebar doesn’t actually work, I’ll have to look into that.) Take care, everyone.

ho ho ho.

ho ho ho. published on


The holdays are nearly upon us again, like some vast, predatory bird, and I’m not sure if I’m feeling it any more or less than last year. But, I don’t feel *awful,* so that’s something. Not been as productive as I’d have liked the past few months, but Twitch has been kinda eating up most of my time and energy between streaming and working on graphics for friends and clients. I’m thinking maybe sometime next week I’ll do something X-masy.

The Valkyrie mascot below is for a lady RPG speedrunner group a friend’s started, their first event will be running from Friday afternoon through Sunday if you’re interested in supporting ’em. Most of the rest of the sketch dump here are warm up sketches of various success since I’ve not been at it as much as I should be.

Sketchin’ and Kvetchin’ Ohhh Yeah

Sketchin’ and Kvetchin’ Ohhh Yeah published on

Woo hoo, it has been a time lately, lemme tell ya. But in a good way. After a good while following, I was brought on board at Retrogaming Live, which has been a nice boost to my Twitch presence along with a chance to show off some of well, MyGames. I started off with a playthrough of The Guardian Legend, moving on to a recent rediscovered favorite, Macross: Scrambled Valkyrie and Metal Warriors. My usual spot will be Wednesdays, 3pm-5pm though occasionally I’ll be filling in for other casters. Lotsa good people to watch on that channel, give ’em a look some time!

I’ve been taking some bigger steps towards getting My Stuff in order after saying I was going to over and over, I’m going to focus on finishing up Irrgarten and starting a proper page for it, then possibly offering a PnP version through Amazon or some self publisher venue if the ‘demo’ goes over well enough. In bigger news, if I didn’t mention before, I’m finally going to be getting out of The Box and moving into a larger apartment at the end of the month, which I’m both excited for and a bit anxious when I realize I have basically *no* furniture and I’ve almost forgotten what having room is like. It’ll be nice being able to get a couch or something though, and not continue sinking deeper and deeper into my mattress while I try to get work done.

Sadly, I gotta confess in spite of the sketch dumps basically evening out, I *have* missed a couple days in my SaD challenge, but mainly due to working on requests and stuff. I usually prefer not to make gifts/commissions public unless the recipient is aware and cool with it, especially when like original characters are involved and such.

Hopefully soon I’ll have some Irrgarten news to share since I’m going to be trying to focus on the parts I’ve been procrastinating (new dungeon tiles and redoing basically the whole item list so there will be more ‘utility’ items like keys and less redundant special weapons.) The hero cards are by far the most fun thing to work on but I think I’ve got plenty of those, time to focus on ways to maim them.

Holy Crap, It Doesn’t Suck: A High Accolade

Holy Crap, It Doesn’t Suck: A High Accolade published on

So, Shantae: Half-Genie Hero is out now to the general public, and holy shit is it everything I had hoped for. As hypey as that sounds, what I was literally “hoping for” was “more of the same with another layer of refinement.” Wayforward’s been a company I’ve enjoyed following a while now since they manage to slip out original titles that show a clear personal investment in between licensed products that they still put a good effort in where I imagine a lot of companies would be content to just cash in. Who the hell would get the license to a Harvey comic strip and think to turn it into a Metalstorm clone?

Lately I just really find myself being drawn to examples of series that genuinely improve on themselves over time. Shantae for the GBC was okay, but plagued by blind jumps and probably a few too many moves for only two buttons. Risky’s Revenge was a solid little game, though it showed some signs of ideas that didn’t get quite fleshed out (the multi-layered town and forest areas, the awkward map chiefly.) Pirate’s Curse was another solid step up, enough so that her pirate equipment was easier and more fun to use than her transformation dances to the point I was actually kinda worried about what her having her powers back ruining Half Genie Hero.

Well, luckily that’s not the case and I’m enjoying the heck out of it. It’s structured in kind of an ‘episodic’ feel with each short story netting a piece of Uncle Mimic’s latest machine to set up the final chapter with Risky inevitably swiping to nobody’s real surprise. The jokes are mostly pretty funny, the animation is gorgeous, and backtracking is made more palatable by the levels usually changing to remove the more obnoxious hazards from the first time around and changing enemy types. If you find yourself stuck in a level you can whistle for Sky to pick you up, even if it makes no sense like your being on a waterslide or in an underwater cavern polymorphed into a crab. So yeah, I’m stoked- a long-awaited crowd funded game release that’s actually really good. That’s one point for 2016.

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