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Random doodles I saw fit to inflict on the viewer.

New Year, New Sketch Dump

New Year, New Sketch Dump published on No Comments on New Year, New Sketch Dump

I’m making another attempt to draw a thing a day! Hopefully it improves my moods even if my skills don’t level up as much as I’d like. I’d like to try and get more ideas out of my head and on to ‘paper’ this year since there’s tons of junk I spend time brainstorming but never ends up leaving my head.

ho ho ho.

ho ho ho. published on


The holdays are nearly upon us again, like some vast, predatory bird, and I’m not sure if I’m feeling it any more or less than last year. But, I don’t feel *awful,* so that’s something. Not been as productive as I’d have liked the past few months, but Twitch has been kinda eating up most of my time and energy between streaming and working on graphics for friends and clients. I’m thinking maybe sometime next week I’ll do something X-masy.

The Valkyrie mascot below is for a lady RPG speedrunner group a friend’s started, their first event will be running from Friday afternoon through Sunday if you’re interested in supporting ’em. Most of the rest of the sketch dump here are warm up sketches of various success since I’ve not been at it as much as I should be.

Catching Up

Catching Up published on

Oh dear, I’ve been neglectful again. :( Been keeping busy most of the month with work, family, and Twitch stuff, not doing as much actual drawing as I’d like, but I think I’ve cooked up an idea for a livestream routine that’ll let me get my groove back a bit: basically, picking a theme and working off of it for a few hours as practice and chat casual like, so I have something arty to work on that doesn’t fall under ‘work’ in my brain. Tonight I kicked it off with WayForward, I may see if anyone wants to join me on the Discord voice chat for a little topical discussion in other sessions. I have a major remodel idea in mind for around here in the future, so if you wanna run around and save some stuff just in case something go awry.. hey.

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