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Izuna Encounter

Izuna Encounter published on 6 Comments on Izuna Encounter

Y’know, I’ve been going nuts trying to find an excuse to use a certain title for an article. It’s the most bizarre, inexplicable writer’s block, only being able to assign a title to a completely theoretical work with no content to back it up.

So, I’ll settle for a little play-on-words tying an obscure old SNK game to an obscure recent NDS game. If only Izuna had a tag-team function to let you swap spunky ninja girls on the fly.

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Those power lines are feelin’ down.

Those power lines are feelin’ down. published on 1 Comment on Those power lines are feelin’ down.

Livewires #2

Finally got the TPB of Adam Warren’s Livewires, among others when I finally got the chance to cash in my X-Mas gift card. It’s probably about the most interesting thing Marvel I’ve read in a while even if its relation is pretty loose (the characters have origins related to SHIELD, and Nick Fury makes some indirect appearances.) Like most ‘debut’ teams, the collection is just a six-issue miniseries with a nice sense of closure, but still open enough for a ‘sequel’ if the need arises one day. I liked IDW’s Transformers: Infiltration pretty well too, in spite of the fact it was hilariously reprinted in “vibrabt greyscale”, shrunk to digest size, then labeled “Manga” in bright yellow. The back cover is some of the worst copy writing I’ve ever seen, though.

Earth: 2006, and the fate of the planet is already sealed, it’s destiny decided… by the marauding mechanical beings known as DECEPTICONS. In their way stand an embattled crew of seven hardy AUTOBOT warriors, sworn to prevent the impending Armageddon at any cost, and an unlikely trio of human misfits, pulled kicking and screaming into a hitherto hidden world of pain and hurt. The can of worms is open, the genie is out of the bottle… and nothing will ever be the same again!”

I mean what the hell? Foreword by Mojo Jojo? The last part sounds like Bender after he stumbled on the bureaucrat and Fry’s affair. “THE CAT’S OUT OF THE BAG NOW, HUH!? I ONCE WAS BLIND BUT NOW I SEE!” And don’t think I didn’t notice the lousy grammar, ellipsis abuse, and it’s/its discrepancy. lulz grammer nazi

Really, the whole thing comes off better if you imagine “Macho Man” Randy Savage reading that aloud. Then again, what wouldn’t? “ALRIGHT KIDS, IT’S TIME TO SNAP INTO ANNE RICE’S INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE! OH YEEEAH!”

(BTW, I’m changing comment settings due to spam, so if you’re a new commentor I’ll have to approve before it shows up.)

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