Clash at Demonhead is a gripping tale of espionage and political intrigue on par with greats like James Bond (Junior) and Duck Tales. It's the summer of 199X, 2X years before the events of Mega Man 1. We join the pixelated Agent Mary and the pixelated man of action known only as BANG on vacation after a successful mission of some kind or another. Their sunburns are interrupted by a call from someone over BANG's head, and so his adventure begins.

     To those of you who never solved a game of Clue, or seen the movie on one of Comedy Central's endless repeats, let me bring you up to speed. Professor Plum not only did it with the pipe wrench in the study, he also created the Doomsday Bomb. For peaceful purposes, I'm sure. Anyway, the professor was kidnapped and is being held somewhere in The Magic Kingdom. BANG must make use of his uh, many skills to prevent the bad guys from making him make more Doomsday Bombs for less than peaceful purposes.

     BANG is actually a pretty cool little guy. Even if you don't understand his high-brow, off-the-cuff observations and brisk wit, you can't help but laugh with him. Too bad everyone/thing is trying to kill him. I've been attacked by everything from a dinosaur/motorcycle-bot to muffins. That's a pretty broad gap, but I think it covers the array of mosquitoes, stress relief squeeze things and other miscellaneous objects BANG must shoot on his rescue mission. To make matters worse, the evil mastermind I'm dealing with also seems to either be a panda, or has a thing for pandas. More on that later.

     BANG was one of the first video game heroes to not immediately die when he gets wet. But he loses health every time his head goes under, so dog paddle slowly for love and justice. He also can crawl on his knees while sweating, climb walls and turn enemies into fruit and valentines with his fireball gun. Unfortunately, his head doesn't seem to be as hard as the average hero, which causes him to cry whenever he hits his head from jumping too high. Don't worry, though. He's more likely to not jump high enough and fall into a chasm into Hell. Seriously.

     You're always welcome at the Super Shop, where they're constantly developing great new products. The friendly shopkeep and his tiny daughter are always conveniently in business behind enemy lines, on a platform hanging over water. Try the Super Suit. You'll be pleased.

     The villains are nothing if not thorough. Halfway through your mission to rescue Prof. Plum, you find a note from the ominously-named "PANDAR" informing you that "BANG! WE'VE CAPTURED YOUR GIRLFRIEND, MARY. SURRENDER! ROUTE 31. PANDAR." The menace of the situation is somewhat undercut by his panda bear stationery. The stakes have been risen. BANG, however, rises to the occassion and snaps into action, after being beaten by exercise equipment, enjoying some Ultra Food, and pleasing himself with Super Suit. He really loves his Super Suit.

     Anyway, so this guy BANG wanders around the island which is half Disneyland Fun Map and half Bionic Commando world map. Eventually BANG beats up some "governors" and takes their medal so he can travel to Camp Demonhead, for arts and crafts, hiking, and to rescue the scientist. So I suppose in the end, BANG is basically a heavily armed Boy Scout collecting merit badges while crying in the woods. Oh yeah, and he looks exactly like Domon Kasshu from G-Gundam.



For once I'll let this speak for itself.

It's Troopy, the Enemy Trooper. Join Troopy on all sorts of fun and educational adventures!!

Bang and Mary. I forget who is who.