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My booth at least had a nice view out the convention center window.

First and foremost, I apologize for the quality here. For some reason the prints came out really dusty and made the Ohayocon '05 photos look like they were from 1905. (The fact the couple used photos at the beginning of the roll were from the Christmas before last might have had something to do with it too.) But c'mon, we got a digital one between now and then, who can blame me. I'd also like to apologize for my inability to decide on subjects that are necessarily relevant. I'm the type who comes home with a roll of film chock full of pictures of signposts and inanimate objects that were funny in context, but the context is forgotten. Whatever, the pictures are developed, so here they are with my usual *sparkling* banter.

Overall, it was a fun ordeal, just like I'd imagined. Well, actually I'd been fantasizing about selling out of books and being forced to walk the block to the nearest copy shop for more... That didn't happen. Still met plenty of interesting people, got a lot of kudos from people who looked through my sketchbook, in spite of the fact my location at the entrance to the adjacent ballroom made a number of Baptists there for their gathering think I was an information desk or something...

Saturday was the 'big' day. That's when most of the visitors showed up, costumes were worn, and things were sold.

For some reason I felt compelled to take a photo of these two and warned them I'd stick a goofy caption under their picture. Well, I'm at a loss, but between his hairband and his choker, they almost have enough raw materials for one cat-girl.

You can see the bullet hit the cameraman. Back, and to the left.

Not Bigfoot, but a really eager cosplay photographer who said "Can I get your picture!?!" one too many times within earshot. Thus, I snapped him. I have a weird thing about photographing photographers at events. It's ironic, amusing, and my brain is probably broken in at least three spots.

I took a picture of a real nice kid (yes, he bought my comic) dressed as Luffy from One Piece, holding up the book, but it didn't turn out well at all. As in, makes the above look crisp. That would have made such a great promotional picture. KIDS LOVE IT!! As an aside, that was probably pretty stupid since the RK story is going to get bloodier and nastier as it goes along. No worse than selling action figures from R-rated movies as 'Ages 5-up', I guess.

He's a real rubber man. Working on his rubber plan. Sitting in his rub- oh, screw it.

Can't have an anime convention without cosplayers. One Piece and Naruto were the new 'in' thing, but Final Fantasies as far back as VII still bring 'em in. I think my favorites were the KOFer's and a Miss Tron who sadly, never got close enough for me to take a picture. Oh yeah, and there was a pretty nice FF Tactics Advance trio, uselessly ornate weapons and all. Fullmetal Alchemist just possibly edged out all others in cosplaying numbers, as well as the essential spectrum of quality.

He's either gonna kick my ass or grant me three wishes.

This is one of my friends, there as a Juraiya from Naruto. I haven't actually seen Naruto, but from what I can gather between the video game(s) and babelfishing, he kicks ass with the aid of giant magic frogs.

The only KOF cosplayer I could get a shot of was luckily my favorite character. Chou uppah! Downstairs on a bathroom break though, I saw Vanessa, Kula and Whip, and once and for all know what the eff the back of Kula's biker jacket says.

(Cool Cat, ftr.)

There were a bunch of Stormtroopers in additon to this Boba Fett. There was even a Jango/Baby Fett duo later on. I guess when this many geeks gather together in one place, Star Wars stuff just spontaneously happens. The Fetts went all out and had mics on them to make their voices sound all cool and sinister.

These guys were cosplaying DDR arrows. They were stomped.

Sunday morning, the last thing I expected to see out the window of the cable-ridden techno geek room was SNOW on the rooftops. Of course, it IS Ohio. In January. I was just naively believing the forecast I glimpsed between Invader Zim episodes. It was a pretty nice wrapup to the weekend, and I was feeling better. Since we slept in and had to go at noon, I decided to not formally set up my table again and instead made another pass through the dealers' room, where I added onto my ceremonial chain of Kobun pins, and picked up a Decepticon badge. Mission accomplished, Jake, myself, and his pals set off for home.

About five hours later I was violently exploding out both ends from the buildup of sickness I'd been resisting since before the con. But that's a story for another time.

Some of my swag: I took it a little easy this year and got the Read or Die OST, giant 70's robot show Z-MIND, Hyper Police #1, a Tron Bonne figure, a Mikoto (GGG) figure, and a KOF 2001 poster. Note that not taking it easy would have meant a stack of giant robot boxes that probably wouldn't have made it in with the available trunk space.


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