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[+/-] EX: RAW DEAL 4 WEEGEE published on No Comments on [+/-] EX: RAW DEAL 4 WEEGEE

The new Smash is “clicking” for me in a way that Brawl didn’t. I almost want to say it’s the lack of a story mode forcing me to really focus on the actual game, or maybe it’s that I’m not playing via sideways Wiimote anymore. I’m having a lot easier of a time pulling off Smashes consistently, and I like most of the new characters pretty well. I just thought it was funny when I was grinding at the challenge board, and I saw that I could unlock a panel if I just won three times with Luigi, the thing that kept me from just knocking it out tut suite was dying to a Mario. In a really cheap way to boot.

It felt nice to bang out one of these sharpie strips again. I’m achey as hell from work tonight and I just could not get comfortable sitting at my table.

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