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[+/-] EX: INTERMISSION published on No Comments on [+/-] EX: INTERMISSION

Oh wow. It has been a while since the last installment of [+/-], and even though I have been working on something else, I had no intention of dropping the girls or this series. Mostly, as I’ve said elsewhere, my day job changed, and it’s been a lot harder to work up the drive to do much outside of it for a while. Feeling better now, though, and getting back into the swing of doing more than just sketches for the blog and the occasional commission or web work. Stay tuned, I will try not to go dead for so long at a time in the future.

This was originally going to be the first part of a strip on A Link Between Worlds, but since it’s kind of a lengthy non game related bit, I decided to go ahead and post this portion as a lead in to the actual review part. Which is back to being more of a ‘review’ again and less of a crazy dress up thing. You guys prefer it one way or another? Feel free to leave a comment. The handful of ones I have get so lonely.

(That said, I still don’t have a schedule set for this series, but I usually strive for at least monthly.)

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