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[+/-] EXTRA: BUNNYBLOCKED published on No Comments on [+/-] EXTRA: BUNNYBLOCKED

I thought I’d give FireAlpaca a shot at drawing an actual comic, and I like it for the most part, but the tool icons, especially the brush kind of suck for precise drawing and coloring. I’d rather have a plain Photoshop dot than a picture of a marker where the very tip is the drawing point. Still, it has a nice feel to it, though I feel like I’m still missing out on some things since it has a “Rasterize” command but doesn’t seem to offer me vector points to tweak my line work that I have found yet.

I forgot how much I love the 3DS Mii Plaza’s little rabbit salesman. The second you say no to him, not only does he act all dejected, the music actually drops off too! All it needs is a record scratch to go with.

I feel a little rusty doing comic panel stuff like this again, I think I left way too much white space between panels. Blargh. I’ll get my feel for it back if I do more pages and less random sketching.

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