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Occupation: Digital Media, Freelance Illustration, Debatable Internet Personality
Location: Southernish Ohio, at about the line where ‘Midwestern’ and ‘Southern’ start to blur and ‘wash’ is pronounced ‘worsh’.
Likes: Art, comedy, gaming.
Dislikes: Drama, drama queens, flying bugs.


3/2 is an allegory for the ongoing conflict between the haves and have-nots of the world, set against the backdrop of urban Paris in the 1920’s except when it isn’t. It began life as a serious of cave drawings depicting primitive man against some sort of begoggled proto-Captain Novolin. It would have remained a curious historical footnote if not for a high schooler in 1998 finding Seanbaby hilarious and trying to imitate his style of forced similes and dick jokes. After flirting with using big words to sound like a legitimate reviewer, the author would eventually find his niche- warning people away from video games either too obscure or too old for most people to have heard of, while lavishing praise on things nobody else likes.

The author was once seen in a comic shop lamenting Dungeons and Dragons was too mainstream, requesting obscure Canadian sci fi role playing games.

He is also single.

If you have any questions or feedback, drop me a line here.

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