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282- The New Girl and The New Strip

282- The New Girl and The New Strip published on


Warm up doodles of the newest addition to the +/- family, Marie Geiger. Keeping with the ‘energy’ theme, she’sĀ got a loose nuclear theme to her outfit and color scheme (and temper, to an extent.) She sees herself as hip and trendy, though flighty might fit better since she’s quick to rework her entire image and attitude according to what’s trending on social media. A former friend of Dixie’s, the both of them once bonded over many afternoons playing NES games until she discarded it (and Dixie) to move on to the Genesis. She’s now working for the public access station as a ‘social media guru,’ though the rest of the staff is mostly too old to know what it means and let her screw off and play with her phone for hours and meddle with production where she’s not wanted.

By the way, it was “warm up” for actually putting her in a real strip with actual effort put in.



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